Friday, March 21, 2008

Project Update

Mary Thomas finished the machine quilting and dropped the Kaleidoscope quilt off yesterday. It’s beautiful! Check out the detail in those stitches. It would be years before I could accomplish that kind of pattern on my “regular” machine. The little hearts and “pearls” as Mary calls them are perfect for the soft look of the quilt.

Timeless was hoping that I would use the backing fabric for the binding (so that they wouldn’t have to add another piece of fabric to the assortment) but I thought it was too light. I’m using pale lavender and they will just have to deal! Everyone that was in the shop yesterday oohed and awed over the quilt first and then they asked me what happened to the corners. I left the corner triangles off, because I like it that way! The missing triangle clips the corner and it sort of rounds them off. It also meant that I had to miter 8 corners with the binding instead of 4. I thought it was an interesting design detail, apparently other people think I goofed! Oh well, I’m going to enjoy stitching the binding down while I wait for our oldest daughter and her fiancé to arrive for the Easter holiday. I have to remember to stitch the hanging sleeve on the back too – I always forget because I rarely do that to my quilts, but Timeless prefers it on the ones they display.

The sample yardage of the Lindsay collection arrived! I’ve already plugged in the iron and put a new blade in the rotary cutter. I’ve had the projects planned almost as long as the fabric line and I can’t wait to see if they work! I am going to make identical quilts in both the light and dark colorway so that you can see how different they are. One will be the “simple” version and the other the “art school graduate” look. I will post photos as soon as they are far enough along to see the plan. In the mean time I have to finish the “quick and easy” baby quilt that uses the train border and get it off the design wall. I really need to finish it, because if I just fold it up and put it off to the side – it will be doomed to the UFO pile and I would really like to pull the whole display together with the crib and bumper pads……. So much quilting, so little time……

Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday weekend!


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