Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Retreat Photos

Yesterday the weather here in the Pittsburgh area was WONDERFUL! After the blizzard on Friday and the flat tire on Sunday I took the 60+ degrees and sunshine as a personal apology from God. The almighty knows my breaking point and I think he felt a little bad about the 1-3 inches that were predicted on Friday turning into SIX accompanied by raining slush. I’ve thanked him personally for the weather yesterday and let him know how much I appreciated the reprieve to deal with the tire ordeal.

As promised, I’m posting some “video” of our weekend retreat. You should be able to click on the picture and watch it rotate through several others. Not all of the photos turned out as well as I would have liked in that wonderfully bright sewing room. I wasn’t able to include all of the projects that were finished, started or worked on all weekend, but as you can see, A LOT of sewing was done! I’ve chopped off some heads to protect the innocent. I declared Saturday the official “Stickie-Outtie Hair day”. Nobody wants to relax and sew all weekend and then find a less than flattering photo on the internet!

I’m also not posting the photos of us eating. The food was excellent, the accommodations and service are wonderful, but some of us have resisted sharing that information with our husbands and family at home so that we didn’t have to feel too guilty about their eating dinner out of a box!

The answer is “yes”. I am sure we will be doing this again.


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