Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I have an idea for a new Mac commercial. Picture this: The PC guy is obviously worried and upset as he says “She’s trying to print something, why isn’t it printing?” The cool laid back Mac guy will calmly say “Don’t worry, she’ll figure it out”. He’s right; I will figure it out, eventually. Not this week, but eventually. I assume that I will get the Mac to form a solid relationship with at least ONE of the 4 printers in my life. Right now it seems content to collect printer drivers without the ability to actually print any pages. I can almost hear it saying “Come on, let the PC do the printing, we don’t want it to feel inadequate”.

Printing issues aside, yesterday was a very productive day. Becky Kelly was basted, quilted and ready for binding. E-update sent. Email answered. Chenille is being snipped (It’s good to have staff). BOM instructions written, proofed and printed. The other instructions are well underway, at least in my brain.

I spend a lot of time writing instructions in my head, working through the step-by-steps before I put them to paper. I do this while I’m driving (scary thought) or performing routine tasks like packing my daughters lunch or taking a shower. Reworking them over and over allows me to consider how the customer will perceive what I am saying and choose the best alternative for the project. This usually isn’t a problem unless I’ve been writing all day and can’t turn my brain off when I go to sleep. I end up dreaming in step-by-step format!

Today was one of those mornings. While I was brushing my teeth in front of the mirror I realized that I had been a bit distracted while getting dressed. Cream sweater, black bra, brown pants, black shoes…. Hmmm. Not the look I had planned. At least the bra matched the shoes and it was clearly visible, so that helped. Now I am going to have to have my husband look me over before I leave the house to make sure I match and everything is in place. Had I realize 30 years ago that this would become a priority I may have looked for someone with a better sense of fashion.

Now it’s time for binding, binding, binding…..


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