Thursday, April 24, 2008


I promised to try to post each day. I never said what TIME of day I would get around to it! My goal was to post as soon as I had the Becky Kelly project finished..... and by "finished" I mean the top assembled. Like most of the other things I've tried to accomplish lately, this took about 3 times the amount of time that I think it should. It isn't that I sew slowly or that the project was particularly difficult. Even though it is my priority for the day, I have to squeeze it in between my "other" job - of running the store! There are kits to be planned, fabrics to order, clubs to prepare, printing to be done, orders to run to the post office, banking, calls, questions, and that is why it is 9:14 pm and I have FINALLY "finished" those darn stars.

Before someone points out that "it isn't a quilt until it is quilted", I know, I know. Someday I will explain my personal philosophy of the definition between "finished" and "done", but right now, I am going home to a glass of wine!


Lynne in Hawaii said...

Looks terrific. Love the colors. You have a flimsy done. That is an accomplishment. Since I hand quilt bigger quilts and machine quilt small ones I can understand the difference between done and finished. Bigger quilts can take me more than a year to finish and because I am slow, a baby or lap quilt can take a couple days to do the quilting and a week to finish the binding.

Anonymous said...

I love this!!!!! So adorable.

becky kelly said...

Hi, I was Googling tt to see if my quilt fabrics were out yet and came across your blog site. I love what you did with the fabric for this quilt. It is beautiful! You are amazing, I am tired just reading about all the quilts you have made and things you do. Thanks for making this quilt look so wonderful. I am going to look up your other work. Sheila, my friend/agent told me you designed for TT. I want to see your work.

Is this quilt for a show?