Saturday, April 19, 2008

“Slow down, you move too fast, you’ve got to make the morning last………”

Does anyone else remember that song from, …could it have been the 60’s? That particular phrase has been stuck in my head for the last few days and although I can relate, I have no idea where I picked it up. I do know that it has nothing to do with “feelin groovy”! It is more of a time warp thing.

The newest collection of Amy Butler fabric arrived in the store. We selected the aqua/lime colorway and purchased every bolt available. They are beautiful graphic prints that make me think of Goldie Hawn every time I walk past the display. Amy Butler is probably too young to have been inspired by Goldie’s appearances on Laugh-In, but for those of you that are not, do you envision that geometric print paired with white go-go boots? ………..Is my age showing?

Talk about feeling OLD. My Moda Rep was in the other day and one of the new “retro” collections that they will debut at Quilt Market is designed around 1974. Read that again, not EIGHTEEN seventy four, it says NINETEEN seventy four. That’s the year before I graduated from high school. When did I get old enough that my youth was suitable for reproduction status? I didn’t order the fabric line – not out of spite – but as an actual eye-witness to 1974 I didn’t think that it represented it well. I have to admit that my memory revolves mostly around my prom dates purple crushed velvet tuxedo and my favorite pair of pink bellbottoms, maybe they were trying to capture the more sophisticate look from the era?

Things haven’t changed all that much. I was prom dress shopping just this week with my daughter. We made the rounds of the department stores, specialty stores and even the pattern counter at JoAnn Fabrics before we stumbled across “the” dress that was not only reasonably priced, it fit like a glove. I am a very happy mother. Fitting a 5’6” size 0 isn’t easy.

The trip to the pattern counter was out of desperation. I definitely do NOT have time to stitch up a formal between now and May 9th and was secretly relieved when it became obvious that making one to fit properly was too much of a risk and the fabric selection was dismal. I'm still curious if someone can explain why the pattern books offer dozens of pattern options in the Prom/Special Occasion dress section and not one of them is available in a size smaller than a 6? Even the Vogue designer series patterns, at price points of $22 and $24 for just the pattern, only list an occasional size 4. What are they thinking?

I’ve been pretty lax about keeping up with the blog. It’s that darn to-do list. I’m in “count down” mode for Quilt Market and instead of whining and complaining, I think Ill provide you with daily up-dates on the progress starting next Monday.

Sew something!


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Patti said...

Hi Karen -

I think your problem with finding a pattern in a size smaller than a 6 is that the clothing sizes in commercially manufactured clothes have been changing over the years, whereas the pattern companies remain the same. I have to buy a larger size pattern to fit me than the size I would buy a ready-made outfit.

I bet that if you checked your daughter's measurements against the measurements on the pattern (instead of looking at the size), you would have found a pattern that worked for you.

Clothing manufacturers have been changing the sizes on their clothing for quite a few years. Women are for the most part vain, and don't want to buy larger sizes, even when they need them. The clothing manufacturers know this and have sized their clothing accordingly.

But, I'm glad you found something off the rack, so that you didn't have to sew a dress that you don't have time to sew!