Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Today was computer day

I’ve been chained to my laptop for the last 14 hours. I’ve just uploaded the video for step 4 of our Crazy Patch BOM. Starting early this morning I printed instructions, wrote my article for a trade magazine, proofed and printed instructions for classes. After that I worked on designing the ad for our next BOM, Garden Trellis, which begins in July (but sign-up start next week). We are using the Fabshop service (the people that run the internet hops) to advertise the program. This is a project that I designed for the store. It is 100% ours. We do not offer the program to other stores so if anyone in the world wants to participate; they need to sign-up with us.

There’s an overwhelming thought. How much fabric do you think you need if you are inviting the entire world to participate in your program? There are 46,000 quilters that participate in the internet hops. What if 10% (that’s over 4000 of them) take you up on the offer? The fabrics are hand printed in Indonesia, 15 yards at a time. If those numbers are not enough to make you sweat, you are spending someone elses funds. We had to commit to significant yardage months ago. Worse yet, what if you plan for 4000 and only 40 decide to participate? 400 would make me a very happy shop owner. More than that and I might consider taking the bridge. Less than that and Ill have enough “topaz” batik to slip cover my house!

Back to the advertising. Designing an ad to entice the right number of people to participate was not nearly as stressful as finding out that I need to prepare the ad in HTML. As I’ve pointed out, I don’t speak “tech”, but it looks like I’m going to learn. Why does that kind of thing always look so simple when you don’t know what you are doing? Then I am knee deep and overcommitted when I realize what I’ve gotten myself into. I think my tombstone is going to read “It was a good idea at the time”.


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