Saturday, April 26, 2008

Sneak Peek

I skipped a day.
Yesterday was another "Mom" day. Lindsays concert was last night and it took all the time I had to make the post office run, do the bank deposit and pick-up 8000 patterns from the printer and get ready to go. It was a magical evening and I am so happy that we didn't miss a minute of it!

In an effort to accomplish something that I could check off the “list”, I’ve uploaded the Sew Easy Chenille video to YouTube. This link will be provided to shop owners so that they can see the details of the pre-printed flannel product. Originally I had intended that the videos be something to jog the shop owners memory after seeing my presentation at Quilt Market. It turns out that many of them are sharing the link with their customers. It’s an open forum, so you are welcome to take a look too. Keep in mind that these are truely "home grown" videos and you get what you pay for, which in this case is FREE! I will never be on the short list for Katie Coric's job and "not looking dorky on camera" isnt something that I list on my resume.

We keep the work that I do for Timeless Treasures seperate from The Quilt Company. Mainly because my TT work uses only Timeless products. The things that I do for the shop can include any products I choose. This is a bit confusing for some of our customers that see it as all "me". They search for something and find me, but not what they wanted. You have to know which "me" you are looking for. For example: You won't find our Chenille Baby Quilt Kits mentioned on the Chenille video. You will find them in the kit section of our web site at If you are looking for the Crazy Patch videos that are intended for the participants of our Block of the Month program they are linked to the Crazy Patch page on our website or on YouTube under The Quilt Company headding. We sometimes get confused around here too!
Enjoy your weekend!

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I really like the videos you put out. You make it very thorough and clear. They are the main reason I joined the crazy patch bom. Also the Chenille Quilt are adorable.