Sunday, April 27, 2008


It is still early, but I am pretty sure that the best part of today has already happened. At 6am, before I had even opened my eyes I started to make a list of things I needed to accomplish. I was several items into the list when it dawned on me that today is SUNDAY and not MONDAY!

That revelation was like a 24 hour gift! As tempting as rolling over and going back to sleep seemed, my brain was already awake and functioning so I tiptoed out of bed, made coffee and finished off the instructions and illustrations for the Lindsay handout immersed in the luxury of a quiet house a cup of hot coffee and my bathrobe.... ahhhh.

Later today when my brain can't possibly write one more step-by-step I'm going to tackle the job of getting the new Mac to talk to the printer. I managed to get it to connect at work just in time for my husband to switch our home connection from cable to Verizon so that I had to rework those connections too. Isn't technology wonderful?

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