Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Day 3, Quilt Delay

The problem with this “retreat” is that it is “virtual”. Every now and then I have to stop sewing and get some work done. Today that includes meeting with my RJR Rep to order new fall fabrics. John is one of my favorite sales reps and he works for the company that supplies us with Thimbleberries, Jinny Beyer and Debbie Beaves. With the popularity of the Thimbleberries giant flower panel, I hope Lynette is following it up with something wonderful.

Sifting through hundreds of new fabric swatches can take hours and I wont get back to my sewing machine until after lunch. Instead of a musical interlude, I thought I would provide you with a quilting interlude. In the process of getting ready for spring Quilt Market I am stitching up samples (work) using the solid batiks from the Timeless line. If you are a blog regular you will remember these as the projects that had to have 10 fabrics, no more, no less. All fabrics had to be batik solids and once I had used a shade in one quilt I couldn’t use it in another. (That’s why it is work).

These pieces are just a few of the new patterns we will be introducing at Market. Because Market is being held here in Pittsburgh, we wanted to feature Pittsburgh Quilters in our booth. I sent these quilts to 4 local quilters and told them to knock their socks off. I’m not sure that you will be able to see their fine workmanship in the photos, but if you are in the area, stop by to see them in person.

Mary Thomas quilted both of these baby quilts. I cheated a bit and made 2 quilts with 5 fabrics each. Mary does the most delicate all over pattern. The boys quilt has stars in the design and the girls quilt has hearts. We used the same piece of multi pastel backing for both quilts. I’ve managed to get the binding on both of these!

Rebecca Stahl quilted the project from the “dusty” group. I absolutely love the thread she selected. The center is quilted in an all over pattern using a variegated thread in earth tones. On the border she changed to a variegated color called “ocean” and added what the quilters call “pearls” in the dark teal blocks and cornerstones (technically the color name of that fabric is malachite). This one was returned in record time, so the binding is on it too. By the way, there isn’t any black in this quilt, it’s called “espresso”. Both of the variegated threads look great on the backing too!

Marsha’s daughter Heather quilted the Jewel Tone project. You may remember that I was debating on adding a simple border or an extremely complicated border to this quilt. Obviously I chose easy. Not because I wanted to get it finished faster. I chose the simple border because the blocks are SO easy that I wanted to be able to recommend this pattern to a beginner without hesitation. The name of Heather’s quilting business is “Heather’s Feathers”…. Guess what pattern she quilted on this project? Yep, feathers! There are a few areas of different size stippling and a casual design in the narrow border too. This piece will have dark binding to match the border as soon as I get it made. For the record, that's not just any old purple, its eggplant.

The appliqué project went to Susan Wick. In my opinion Susan drew the short stick. We allowed the quilters to select the quilt they would be quilting and Susan was “left” with the appliqué piece. I must say she did a stellar job! She quilted a very pretty vine on the outside border and added vines and details to the appliqué pieces. The topaz background color has multiple designs in the different areas for a truly custom look. I'm planning dark blue binding for this one.... I haven't made that yet either.

I’m thrilled with each of them! I know you are wondering and someone is always dying to ask. The answer is "Yes", I pay for my quilting. These women are professionals. We also recommend their service to our customers. If you are interested in having them work for you, call the shop for their numbers. 412-487-9532. We will be happy to provide you with that information so that you can deal directly with them.

I will be back sewing later today!

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I know there has to be an "easy" way to do that basket weave border. Do tell.....Please.