Friday, March 27, 2009

Back to Work

Alas, all good things must come to an end.

My virtual retreat will actually come to a screeching halt just before noon today. This is the weekend that I send my staff on retreat. Working for me is such a joy that I don’t completely understand their need to get away, but I send them anyway.

Each year I treat them to a weekend at a retreat center near Wheeling West Virginia. As a professional woman I should tell you that they are there for team building and staff development. In reality they are there to sew until they can no longer see straight, giggle and laugh until their sides hurt and eat themselves silly.

In order for that to happen, I stay home and work the shop. The retreat doesn’t really begin until dinnertime so our normal Friday staff will show up for work. They will immediately begin to pout and keep it up until I shoo them out of here, usually before noon. That requires that I get all of my “work” done before they leave so that I am free to work the sales floor later today. With a sales staff of one all afternoon, I won’t have any time for sewing! (I did stay late last night and cut out a new version of our Uptown Tote using the beach babes fabric and the coordinating polka dot. If the store is slow, I may squeeze in a seam or two!)

I have asked them to take photos of what they accomplish over the weekend. If I can get them to email them to me I will share them with you. Then you can see what my staff is able to accomplish while I do their job!
If you are inspired to sew this weekend, send me a photo of what you accomplish and (with your permission) I will post those photos too!
Now go sew something!


Sweet P said...

How wonderful of you to send your staff on a retreat. I bet they come back with tons of new ideas.

Anonymous said...

What a great virtual retreat! I love hearing how you change the colors. I am color 'challenged'. Hearing how others pick colors and why helps.

A sewing retreat for work - What a dream! Would love to see their work.

Thanks for a great week of sewing!

Anonymous said...

I've really enjoyed seeing what you are working on. I feel the need to make a bag now. Thanks for the blog and the great pictures!