Thursday, March 12, 2009

Time for a Change

I need a new bag, purse, tote, whatever you want to call it. The container that I schlep everywhere I go is looking a bit ragged. Some would say that it looks a bit more than ragged. It started to show some wear and tear last fall and instead of replacing it, I tossed it in the wash. I didn't want to give it up, I just couldn't find the time to make another one. I like carrying a fabric purse rather than a leather one. Fabric is what I do and this poor old bag is made from a line that I designed (two years ago!). I agree that your accessories say something about you. Right now, my purse is whispering not so nice things about me.

Why am I telling you this? Because announcing it publicly will force me to do something about it. Self induced peer pressure. I will now be forced to stop fantasizing about the purse that I would, could, should, make and get down to business. I can end the delusion that I have a million patterns to choose from and admit that in the end I am going to make, yet another, roll bag from the Cindy Taylor Oates book "Totes with Zippers". I love that pattern. It is the bag I want to carry. It has outside pockets for my keys and cell phone, it holds tons of stuff, it zips closed and the handles wrap all the way around the bottom to support as much weight as you can stuff into it. It is the pattern that I have chosen for the last 5 purses I've made for myself.

A new purse will be project #1 for Spring Break week here on the blog. Starting March 23 I'm going on a sewing spree and you are welcome to come along with me. 95% of the sewing that I do is "required". Samples for fabric lines, shop display, pattern fronts. Very little is sewing that I "want" to do for family, friends, or myself. I've decided that the week of March 23, I'm taking my own personal spring break. I am going to sew everything I've wanted to do and nothing else for 5 solid days. (Not really "everything". That would take much longer than just one week!) You are welcome to log on, follow along, or join in the fun and work on projects along with me. Think of it as a virtual retreat. I plan to post at least twice each day to show you my progress.

Right now I'm planning a new purse, a queen size Japanese Jigsaw quilt, and a graduation quilt for Lindsay. Don't let that photo of the Japanese Jigsaw scare you. Mine will be made with beautiful shades of blue batiks and a pale grey background. I'll show you how I "fix" Tracey's pattern to get the look I want. There is also a baby quilt that I would like to get done, a duffel bag, a few table runners and I could use a new jacket for Market........ I am sure that there will be more!



banjo795 said...

A whole five days to sew for yourself! Wow, that sounds wonderful! I'd love to do the same thing. I do have some vacation time coming up.... maybe I should take a few days just to sew and finish up some of those UFOs (or WIPs, or whatever the latest acryonm is!)

Anonymous said...

I am a beginner quilter and chose the jigsaw as my first quilt project. If I can make it, anyone can! I too used the batiks, but I went with green as my main color. AM really interested in the purse project as I need one!

Judith said...

I will be visiting with/taking care of my mother in NC during that week, so I'll be on vacation, of a sorts..... I think I'll take my sewing machine along and use the mornings (while she is sleeping) to work on some baby clothes and a crib quilt for my new granson.
Great idea!

Anonymous said...

I am new to your blog and happened to click on your site and enjoyed the reading and "eye candy." I liked the Japanese jigsaw quilt very much. Is there a pattern for it? I have Japanese kimono fabrics that I would love to use for it.

Karen said...

The Jigsaw pattern and template are availabe on our website. The template is under NOTIONS and the pattern is under PATTERNS. Next week Ill be showing you step-by-step photos of how easy it is to make. Karen