Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Speed Bump.

If this were a sports blog you would all understand the term “rain delay”. My virtual retreat has run into a small “life delay”. Although I managed to get a few rows of the JJ blocks stitched together, progress has been minimal.

My appointment with my RJR Rep was longer than usual because he took the time to take several calls about his brand new granddaughter. And I do mean brand new, she was only about 3 hours old! We’ve known John for 15 years so it was fun to watch Grandpa get the news and share it with the brand new parents. We also managed to squeeze in a fabric order. Lynette is following the popular flower print with a pre-printed table runner panel for fall. Thimbleberry enthusiasts are going to love it. Don’t worry, we ordered multiple bolts.

Most of the afternoon was consumed with answering emails. Many of you either don’t want to comment on the blog or don’t know how. My inbox is full of fun comments, requests and questions. Yes, you can order the book, pattern and tools that I’m using on our website. Yes, I do have the best job in the world. No, my employees don’t get to sew at work and No, I don’t think they resent the fact that I do.

Yes you can cover the purse handles by folding the fabric over the belt webbing instead of making a tube. I own the tube turner (a set of Fasturn tools) and I use them regularly for all kinds of things.

The duffle bag in the CTO book is a larger version of the purse. It is the same duffle bag that Debby is teaching in class here at the shop. If you prefer to make the purse in class, Deb won’t mind. Check out the dates on our class schedule that is posted on the website.

Yes, we have plenty of the Japanese Jigsaw patterns and templates in stock. Don’t forget to apply Invisigrip to the back of the template before you start. It keeps the template from sliding (it works on all of your rulers too!)

Judith, glad I could help! Enjoy making the 3-6-9!
That woven border on the applique book IS easy - but you will have to wait for the pattern and instructions to see how I do it!

Now I’m going to sew. I really am…

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